Here’s what I envision the gates of heaven to be like, using my imagination entirely.


A seemingly endless bookshelf on the outside wall of the pearly gates with only 5 books on it, but millions upon millions of copies of each one. In front of those shelves are an equally endless amount of reading chairs and angels serving the best coffee in the universe while other angels are checking out copies of the books. Sitting in those great reading chairs and drinking the heavenly coffee are those who have not finished the heavenly reading list; those books that are so valuable that you can’t, or better, shouldn’t enter heaven without reading them. By the way, you’ll find me sitting there as well re-reading them all since they are so valuable for the Christian soul.

Obviously, this is not what is going to happen, but you still need to read the books listed below. They are immeasurably valuable to your soul. They will develop your theology in biblical ways and incite worship and obedience like nothing else other than the Bible. The good news is that all but John Murray are available online for free so there is no excuse not to read them! Here they are:

Redemption: Accomplished and Applied by John Murray

The Westminster Confession of the Faith 

The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

Commentary on Galatians by Martin Luther

The Confessions by Augustine

What books would you add to the list? Leave a comment and join the discussion!