If you have read my previous exegetical blogs on Romans 9 you will understand that I believe Romans 9 discusses individual salvation and the election of individuals by God unto salvation. Yet some still try to insist that Romans 9 does not speak about this. They claim two things (cf. Baugh):Bright beyour Easter

  • Paul is simply addressing the historical destiny of Israel in its redemptive role in Romans 9, not the eternal destinies of individuals;
  • Paul is pointing to corporate election of the Church, not to God’s choice of individuals.

In an effort to deny individual election they deny clear biblical truth and preach that error to their congregations. Through proof-texting, straw-man arguments and rhetoric devoid of truth they deny that which is clearly articulated in Scripture. The bottom line is simple, those who deny individual election are in error because their position is exegetically indefensible.

In response, I would like to offer a few resources which will clearly demonstrate that Romans 9, and Scripture as a whole, speak about individual election unto salvation. The articles I am providing here are by exegetes, theologians and scholars of the highest class and reputation. Throughout history, the Reformed tradition has been blessed with the very best of these individuals dating back to the New Testament – from Jesus to Paul to Augustine to Calvin to Turretin to Owen to Murray and on and on I could go. The clear witness of Scripture is to the reality that God individually and unconditionally elects unto salvation.

Some of what you will read below is quite scholarly, others are more readable. Enjoy them all to the benefit of your soul.

Does Romans 9 Teach Individual Election Unto Salvation? Some Exegetical and Theological Reflections by Thomas Schreiner

Corporate and Individual Election in Romans 9 by Thomas Schreiner

God’s Purpose According to Election: Paul’s Argument in Romans 9 by Steven M. Baugh

Israel and the Plan of God – Romans 9:1-29 by Douglas Moo

Corporate Election by Daniel Wallace

The Arminian Concept of Election by Sam Storms

The Calvinistic Concept of Election by Sam Storms

See also the following commentaries on Romans:

The Epistle to the Romans by John Murray

The Message of Romans by John Stott

The Epistle to the Romans by Douglas Moo