“Do Not Be Anxious”: A Reflection on Matthew 6:25-34

Just about everything in our lives is being affected by the pandemic - big things like holidays, weddings, etc.; and small and common things like family get-togethers, grocery shopping, etc. It is pretty standard, then, for each of us to be concerned about our own situation as well as for the situations of those around us whom we care about. But when this concern overwhelms us and consumes us, it can become a dangerous sinful spiral which can have a significant negative effect on our spiritual life.

The Lord’s Supper and COVID-19

The question of what to do with communion when our church cannot gather together is one that has been on my mind since our isolation has been demanded by our government. Primarily the question I’ve been wrestling with is this - should we do communion in our homes as individuals or families? I believe the answer is no.