“Do Not Be Anxious”: A Reflection on Matthew 6:25-34

Just about everything in our lives is being affected by the pandemic - big things like holidays, weddings, etc.; and small and common things like family get-togethers, grocery shopping, etc. It is pretty standard, then, for each of us to be concerned about our own situation as well as for the situations of those around us whom we care about. But when this concern overwhelms us and consumes us, it can become a dangerous sinful spiral which can have a significant negative effect on our spiritual life.

How to Help Others With the Gospel: Part 7 of a (probably) 10 part series on Discipleship

The gospel is easy enough to understand in four words - God, Sin, Christ, Response - but is so often neglected when we seek to be disciples of Christ or help others in their discipleship. The gospel is, as Tripp says, our only hope -- “Hope is only to be found in Jesus Christ... In him, lasting, personal change is possible. Any other message encourages false hope.”

Romans 9:6-13: God’s Sovereignty in Election

In Romans 9:1-5 we saw Paul express his personal anguish over the state of his people, Israel. He is exceedingly bothered by their lack of response to the gospel of Christ. Let me allow Sam Storms to set the context of this passage for us: "The question or problem Paul is faced with is this: If … Continue reading Romans 9:6-13: God’s Sovereignty in Election

How Do We Know The Will of God? Part 4 of 4

This is the last blog in a series of four that seeks to discover what the Bible really says about the will of God. If you want to read the previous 3 posts click here. God’s Will or Spicy Mexican Food? Human beings have the innate desire to unlock the mysteries of the unknown. It’s why we send men and … Continue reading How Do We Know The Will of God? Part 4 of 4

Top 5 Books You Should Read on Faith and Science

The problem of faith and science has been thrust into the mainstream over the past number of years due to the presence of scientific atheists like Richard Dawkins and the proliferation of secular, atheist texts dealing with the question. This has led to new debate among Christians as to how we should deal with issues … Continue reading Top 5 Books You Should Read on Faith and Science