Why I am NOT a Dispensationalist – Conclusion

My purpose in this last blog is to answer a simple question -- what do we do with dispensationalists? Or to put it differently, what do we do with people who disagree with us regarding the end times?

Why I am NOT a Dispensationalist – part 6

In this blog, I would like to explore where we should go once we have rejected dispensationalism. In other words, there is a better way of looking at the things we talked about last time.

Why I am NOT a Dispensationalist – part 5

It is not easy to leave one paradigm for another, so I want to provide some guidelines, some places to start, for those who are thinking outside of their dispensational box for the first time. In further blogs, I will outline how to rebuild those points which this blog encourages to be rethought.

Why I am NOT a Dispensationalist, part 4

In this article, I will show that the dispensationalist view of the restoration of ethnic/national Israel (point 5) is also in error.

Why I Am NOT a Dispensationalist, Part 2

In my last blog, I left you hanging. I stated, quite boldly, that I am not a dispensationalist but did not give any reasons as to why. This blog and the next 3 or 4 will outline those reasons. As a covenant theologian and non-dispensationalist, there are a few beliefs that I do not hold … Continue reading Why I Am NOT a Dispensationalist, Part 2

What is Reformed Theology? – Hermeneutics

*This blog is part of a series I am writing on the┬áCovenant Reformed Church website. The Reformed view of the Bible is simple. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God, infallible, inerrant, authoritative, sufficient, unified, necessary, useful, singular in truth and powerful. God does not continue to speak today, since the canon is … Continue reading What is Reformed Theology? – Hermeneutics