How to Help Others With the Gospel: Part 7 of a (probably) 10 part series on Discipleship

The gospel is easy enough to understand in four words - God, Sin, Christ, Response - but is so often neglected when we seek to be disciples of Christ or help others in their discipleship. The gospel is, as Tripp says, our only hope -- “Hope is only to be found in Jesus Christ... In him, lasting, personal change is possible. Any other message encourages false hope.”

The Problem of Sin: Part 4 of a (probably) 10 part series on Discipleship

I hope that by now, three blogs into this series, you have come to an understanding of what a disciple is, why the church and fellow believers are absolutely necessary for discipleship and the many, many benefits of being a disciple Christ. My prayer is that you desire to leave superficial Christianity behind and embrace the … Continue reading The Problem of Sin: Part 4 of a (probably) 10 part series on Discipleship

Amazing Grace: Total Depravity

The following is part of a series of blogs written for the Covenant Reformed Church website. We continue in our exploration of the Reformed doctrines of grace. We are now three posts into what will be at least 8 in total. Since it has been a while since I have posted let me remind you of … Continue reading Amazing Grace: Total Depravity