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Each of the following studies/seminars has been done by Jared in his Church, in other Churches, or are courses he has taught at either the College or Seminary level. The topics below can be catered to any situation: a series of sermons, an evening class, a day-long seminar, or a weekend retreat. Jared could also tailor a special course or seminar to the needs of your Church or School.

Please email Jared if you are interested in having him come to preach or teach at your Church or school. You will find his email address in the sidebar.

Hearing God?
This study critiques the dangerous and unbiblical practice of listening prayer and hearing God that has become part of the church and the lives of many Christians.

Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth: An Introduction to the Bible and How to Read It
This study is an overview of what the Bible is and how it should be read. Special attention is paid to how each genre of Scripture needs to be understood and interpreted.

Biblical Discipleship
This study explores what Christian discipleship is supposed to look like and what our obligations are to others as fellow disciples of Christ.

Elders: Governing the Church God’s Way
This study works through the Biblical understanding of eldership, both in character and job description. It also explains why elder-led churches are biblical churches and provides a pattern for how to become and flourish as an elder-led church.

The Biblical Nature of the Church
This study discusses what the Bible says about the church, its leadership, its structure and its mission to fellow members and the world.

Understanding the Bible and the Future
This study seeks to cut through the confusion of our cultures End Times obsession by an examination of biblical texts and interaction with various eschatological theories. Dispensationalism is given an expanded critique.

The Book of Revelation
This study seeks to explain the book of Revelation in its 1st century and canonical context. A redemptive-historical approach to the book deepens our understanding and application of this oft-misunderstood book.

This study explores the biblical perspective on prayer. It looks at Jesus’ teaching on prayer as well as examines some of the key New Testament prayers of Jesus and Paul.

Faith and Doubt: Exploring Doubt In and Out of the Church
This study has two parts. Part one will help the church become better at helping fellow believers deal with their doubts by exploring faith, doubt, and belief in the life of the believer. Part two examines areas in our culture that have created doubt within the church. Topics covered include the problem of evil, science, and evolution, the trustworthiness of Scripture, etc., or whatever suits your church context.

Faith and Science: Integrating Christian Belief and the Modern Scientific Worldview
This study will help us take a biblically informed view of modern science and Darwinian Evolution. It will examine Genesis 1-2, discuss theories of creation, and will interact and critique modern science from a biblical perspective.

How Great our Salvation: Reformed Soteriology
This study is an overview of the salvation that we have received in Christ. From election, through union with Christ, to glorification, this study overviews and celebrates the greatness of our salvation.

Godly Marriage in an Ungodly World
This study examines what the Bible teaches about marriage. Topics include male and female complementary roles, sex, homosexuality and marriage, divorce and remarriage, etc.

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