Why I am NOT a Dispensationalist – part 6

In this blog, I would like to explore where we should go once we have rejected dispensationalism. In other words, there is a better way of looking at the things we talked about last time.

Amazing Grace: Limited Atonement

The following is part of a series of blogs written for the Covenant Reformed Church website. There is no doubt that, other than probably unconditional election, limited atonement is the Reformed doctrine of salvation with which people struggle the most. This is usually the case because people don't fully understand how Scripture presents the work … Continue reading Amazing Grace: Limited Atonement

What is Reformed Theology? – The Five Solas

*This blog is part of a series I am writing on the¬†Covenant Reformed Church website. It is time for us to take a deeper look into the theology part of Reformed theology. By now I hope we realize that Reformed theology is much deeper than simply the '5 points of Calvinism', or predestination or simplistic … Continue reading What is Reformed Theology? – The Five Solas